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Honolulu Restraining Order Attorney

Restraining orders or orders of protection are relatively easy to request and put into effect: a person entering his or her local court house can sign a declaration indicating he or she is in fear or imminent danger of harm from the threat of some one else. The court will then issue a temporary restraining order and schedule a hearing to be held 10 days later to determine if a restraining should be extended or annulled. However, restraining orders create a number of legal difficulties and complications for those against whom they are put in effect.

At the Law Offices of Scot Stuart Brower, we defend and assert the rights of those against whom a restraining order has been declared. As your lawyer, Scot Stuart Brower is prepared to help guide you through the process from the moment your are served with a restraining order. Afterwards, Scot Stuart Brower gathers evidence, interviews eyewitnesses, and request medical records in order to undermine the claims alleging domestic violence or threats.

Don’t wait until a permanent restraining order has been issued against you – contact temporary restraining order attorney Scot Stuart Brower today. Call today and schedule a completely confidential, free consultation regarding your case.

What Happens Once a Restraining Order is Issued

Once a restraining order has been issued, you will be required to comply with the following, or risk arrest:

  • Vacate any shared living space you share with the person who filed the restraining order against you
  • Avoid contact with the person who filed the restraining order, as well as any contact with their family or children. Avoiding contact means physical contact, phone contact, e-mails, or written communications
  • Relinquish ownership of any firearms you own

How Can I Fight a Restraining Order or Protect My Rights?

It’s not uncommon for angry girlfriends or former spouses to file a restraining order in order to gain the upper hand in a personal argument, divorce, or child custody dispute. Remember, once a restraining order is filed, the police can pick you up if they receive a report that you have violated its terms – even if the allegation is unsubstantiated. You could be considered a stalker, resulting in monitoring of your movements with an ankle bracelet or other electronic device.

At the law office of Scot Stuart Brower, we recognize facts can be manipulated on the part of ex-girlfriends and ex-spouses. As your attorney, Scot Stuart Brower works with investigators in tracking down witnesses, medical records – or the lack thereof – and other background information in defense of his clients. We expose inconsistent claims and unravel what really happened to ensure your side of the story is presented.

Why You Need to Hire an Attorney

If, for whatever reason, you are convicted of violating an order of protection, you could receive jail time and a permanent criminal record that could affect your employment opportunities, ability to lease an apartment, and credit. Protect your rights and interests – contact restraining order attorney Scot Stuart Brower today.