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Fathers Taking Responsibility For Their Children

Some men may be surprised to learn that they are fathers when faced with a paternity suit demanding child support. Others may want to be involved in their children’s lives but are being prevented from doing so by their children’s mothers. If you are dealing with issues of child custody and paternity, you need legal representation from a skilled Honolulu lawyer.

At the Law Offices of Scot Stuart Brower, we have helped many men deal with paternity issues and many women hold their children’s fathers responsible for child support. Scot Stuart Brower has been practicing law for more than 35 years. His experience in several areas of law has shown him exactly how the legal system works and how to use it correctly to reach his clients’ goals.

How Paternity Is Established In Hawaii

State law allows for a father to acknowledge his child at birth and put his name on the birth certificate. This makes the father legally responsible for his child, requiring that he pay child support. It also gives him parental rights, including visitation or the ability to sue for custody.

If a father does not put his name on the birth certificate, a mother may file a petition to acknowledge her child. He may voluntarily accept responsibility for his child and become the legal father. If he believes the child is not his, he can deny paternity. In these cases, a DNA test is used to establish paternity.

You need an attorney when dealing with a paternity suit, whether you are trying to get access to your child or trying to deny paternity, or you are a mother suing for child support. A paternity judgment can:

  1. Decide whether a parent-child relationship exists
  2. Change information on a child’s birth certificate
  3. Order the payment of child support, medical insurance, medical bills, birth and other expenses
  4. Order custody of and visitation with a child
  5. Determine who pays for paternity tests

Scot Stuart Brower will protect your rights and help you establish paternity for your child, or defend against false paternity claims.

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