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Protecting Your Rights And Interests

When you are involved in a legal dispute, your primary concern should be finding a Honolulu attorney who will stand up for you in court. You need a strong advocate who understands the legal system as well as the rules and procedures. You want someone who will fight for you and work in your best interests.

At the Law Offices of Scot Stuart Brower, we represent clients with legal issues involving employment law, family law, criminal defense and personal injury. Mr. Brower is an experienced trial lawyer who has been practicing for more than 30 years. He prepares each case with the expectation that it will go to trial. He has successfully resolved cases for many satisfied clients.

Because Mr. Brower practices in several different areas, he understands how the legal system truly works. He is a skilled negotiator and may be able to resolve your issue prior to trial. If not, his use of procedures and admittance of evidence can potentially turn a case in his favor. Scot Stuart Brower is an aggressive litigator and puts all of his efforts into a successful resolution of your case.

Your Staunch Advocate

Mr. Brower will review your case and explain all of your options. He is honest about what you can expect from the Hawaii legal system and will work efficiently and effectively on your behalf. When necessary, he consults with experts in various fields to build a strong case. He uses all of his available resources and skill on your behalf.

Our firm is dedicated to defending and asserting our clients' rights. Whether we are protecting you from a possible conviction, standing up to your employer or helping you on the road to life after divorce, we are here to guide you through the legal process and achieve the best possible result.

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