Representative Cases
State of Hawaii v. Robert Sexual Assault JURY ACQUITTAL
State of Hawaii v. Medeiros Terroristic Threatening JURY ACQUITTAL
State of Hawaii v. Hildebrand Sexual Assault Jury Acquittal
State of Hawaii v. Esau Murder Jury Acquittal
State of Hawaii v. Byrd Possession or use of Firearm In Commission of A Felony Jury Acquittal
State of Hawaii v. Wandle Robbery Jury Acquittal
State of Hawaii v. Daoang Abuse of Household Member Jury Acquittal
State of Hawaii v. Lawrence DUI Jury Acquittal
United States v. Marino, Jr. Conspiracy to Distribute Controlled Substance Jury Acquittal
Neilsen v. American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Arquero v. Hilton Hawaiian Village
State v. Klie
Koji Uema v. Nippon Express Hawaii, Inc.
C & W Asset Acquisition, LLC v. Jorama Domogma Feagins
Ross Kawamoto v. Associated Indemnity Corporation et. al.

Honolulu Grandparents’ Rights Attorney

Grandparents Staying Involved In Their Grandchildren’s Lives

After a divorce, many grandparents feel they are cut off from their grandchildren. Working around visitation schedules can be very difficult, especially if the custodial parent relocates to the mainland or another island. If you want to see your grandchildren more often, our Honolulu lawyer can explain the rights you may have as grandparents.

At the Law Offices of Scot Stuart Brower, we know how hard it is to maintain that relationship with your grandchildren after a divorce, and we want to help. Scot Stuart Brower can advise you on what rights you do have and explain how you may reasonably be able to approach the situation.

The Best Interests Of Your Grandchildren

Hawaii state law makes all decisions regarding child custody in the best interests of the child. This may mean that your child’s ex-spouse gets full custody of your grandchildren and has the right to deny you visitation. The appeals court ruled that grandparents cannot override the rights of the parents. However, when your child does have visitation, you may have more flexibility.

Scot Stuart Brower can discuss your options and how to properly approach this problem. His experience in different areas of the law has given him insight into how the legal system works and the correct ways to use it. There are many potential solutions. can help you find the one that will work best for you.

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