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Helping Fathers Maintain Strong Relationships With Their Children

Many fathers feel that they are treated unfairly by the Hawaii family court system. Mothers tend to get custody of the children, and child support may be difficult to pay. Visitation rights may also be limited, not giving a father much time with his kids. If you are concerned about your rights as a father being ignored during your divorce, our Honolulu lawyer can help.

Scot Stuart Brower has been practicing law for more than 35 years. He has seen how the courts have changed — sometimes for better, sometimes for worse — and knows how divorce can affect men. He and his team at the Law Offices of Scot Stuart Brower believe that you should be able to continue a healthy relationship with your children and will fight for your rights.

Abuses Of The System

Unfortunately, our family law system may sometimes reflect a bias in favor of women. Any complaint made against a man during or after divorce proceedings is taken very seriously by law enforcement and by the courts, even if ultimately, the complaint is not true. While this attitude does save the lives of some women, many men are unintentionally caught in the backlash. Men are typically only given visitation with their children and, frequently, it is less than they want. Men who sue for custody may have limited success unless they have an attorney who is willing to stand up for their rights as a father.

Scot Stuart Brower advocates fiercely for all of his clients, including protecting the rights of men during a divorce. He has seen the harm that can be caused by women who abuse the system. If your wife is making it difficult for you to gain joint custody or is only offering limited visitation and demands an unreasonable amount of child support, Scot Stuart Brower will go to bat for you.

Many men are served with temporary restraining orders (TRO) during a divorce. Sometimes this is the result of a genuine fight that got out of hand. Sometimes it is a tactic used by women to get the upper hand in a divorce. If you are served with a TRO, Scot Stuart Brower will defend your rights and help you overcome this accusation during divorce proceedings and in criminal court.

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