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Law Offices of Scot Stuart Brower: Your Experienced Courtroom Litigator

Whenever you come into legal conflict — whether it is a civil matter, such as a personal injury lawsuit or a conflict with your employer, or you are being accused of a crime — you want a lawyer with in-depth knowledge of the legal system who has spent significant time in a courtroom.

At the Law Offices of Scot Stuart Brower, our attorney has that experience and knowledge. Scot Stuart Brower has been practicing law for more than 35 years and has handled everything from murder trials to car accidents. He is also a special master for divorce and can help mediate disagreements between co-parents when assigned by the court. Practicing in several different areas gives him a thorough understanding of how the legal system works, as well as how to use it properly and to his clients’ advantage. focuses on the following areas of law:

A Guide Through Your Legal Turmoil

Conflict can be frightening. In many situations, your future is on the line. Scot Stuart Brower will explain all of your options and help you understand what you may be facing. He works hard to protect your rights and your interests in any legal matter. He is honest about the risks involved in any given scenario and will give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Depending on your case type and need, may rely upon experts in various fields, including forensics, accounting, medicine, engineering and taxes. He uses the information and expert testimony he collects from these individuals to build a strong case to present to the opposition.

Scot Stuart Brower will make sure that no one pushes you around. He will resolve your legal matter efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. You can count on him to take care of you.

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