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State and federal law enforcement officers are posing as minors and pornographers in chat rooms in order to crackdown on child pornography and Internet-related sex crimes. In child pornography cases, a law enforcement officer will enter a chat room and engage in conversation that eventually turns sexual in nature. Sometimes, an offer is made to send child pornography or a request is made to receive it. In other instances, an officer pretends to be a minor in order to see if a suspect makes on online solicitation for sex, proposing a meeting place and time. Once evidence is gathered and an investigation begun, investigators typically track down a computer user through their Internet Service Provider (ISP), while monitoring their email and online activity.

At the law office of Scot Stuart Brower, we advise and defend clients who are under investigation for, or who have been arrested for, an Internet sex crime.

The actions you take in the initial stages of an investigation or arrest can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. To schedule a confidential, free consultation to discuss the charges against you, contact internet sex crimes attorney Scot Stuart Brower today.

Types of Internet Sex Crime

The law office of criminal defense attorney Scot Stuart Brower represents clients charged with the following internet sex crimes:

  • Online solicitation of a minor
  • Sending child pornography
  • Receiving or downloading child pornography
  • Internet chat room luring
  • Obscenity
  • Online prostitution

Providing a Defense Against Charges of Internet Sex Crimes

Internet sex crimes, especially those involving child pornography and the online solicitation of a minor, are often prosecuted at the federal level. As a result, a great deal of evidence is prepared before charges are introduced and an arrest made. However, there are mitigating factors that may influence the judge in his or her determination of a sentence.

As your attorney, consults psychologists and experts on different forms of addiction who can testify on your behalf. In cases where there is a history of sexual abuse in your family or drug and alcohol addiction, these factors may convince a judge to lessen your sentence.

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