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Helping You Sort Out Marital Property Value When A Business, Farm Or Other Complex Asset Is Involved

Business owners, entrepreneurs and investors in Hawaii may have a hard time with property division. Unless a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement was made regarding the asset, any value in a business or investment created during the marriage is considered marital property and must be divided equally between the two parties. Our Honolulu lawyer can help you with complex property division in your divorce.

At the Law Offices of Scot Stuart Brower, we have the skill and experience necessary to make sure you get, or hold on to, your fair share of any business or asset that may involve complex property division. Scot Stuart Brower works with financial experts to determine how much of the asset or assets in question are marital property. He may have a business valuation done to determine the value of the marital portion of a business. Scot Stuart Brower will negotiate with your spouse and his or her attorney to find the most equitable way to divide that marital portion, whether it is splitting it between the two of you or substituting another asset to compensate for the value of the marital portion.

Situations That Involve Complex Property Division

Many people go into a divorce thinking that dividing their property will be simple. Until they get into the details and discover that there is far more to divide than they thought. Scot Stuart Brower works with clients on these and many other property division issues:

  • Businesses
  • Farms
  • Partnerships
  • Medical and legal practices
  • Investments
  • Joint ventures
  • Royalties

He will review your situation and advise you on the best options to offer to your spouse and his or her attorney. If you are the person with the asset in question, he will do his best to preserve it or at least minimize any impact your divorce will have on it. If you are the person who may benefit from the division of this asset, he will fight to make sure you get your fair share of that benefit.

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