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Honolulu Criminal Investigation Attorney

At the law office of Scot Stuart Brower, we advise, counsel, and represent individuals under criminal investigation. As your defense attorney, intervenes as early as possible to pre-empt investigators’ actions which are intended to harass or intimidate his client. This may involve challenging attempts on the part of prosecutors to seize your assets or property, subpoena you, or demand that you appear before a grand jury.

If you are under investigation for a crime, contact criminal defense attorney Scot Stuart Brower today to schedule a free, confidential consultation. The sooner you involve a criminal defense lawyer in your case, the sooner you will know your rights and what you should and should not do in the face of a potential arrest.

Federal Criminal Investigations

Criminal investigations are different depending on whether it is a federal investigation or one conducted by local law enforcement. In general, federal investigations of white collar crime, internet sex crimes, political corruption, or drug trafficking involve months of surveillance, wiretaps, and the monitoring of a suspect’s financial transactions and online activity. Additionally, informants may be used to either gain a suspect’s confidence or provide information on suspicious activity.

A vigorous defense can improve your odds of a successful outcome in a federal criminal case. Some cases of embezzlement, theft or other white collar crime may be able to be resolved through a restitution agreement even before charges are filed. Depending upon the circumstances, early intervention in a criminal investigation by a lawyer can result in charges not being filed, or the case not being overcharged.

Local Criminal Investigations

Alternatively, investigations at the local level are more prone to errors and misconduct on the part of police and investigators. When informants are used they are typically people with an unreliable background who have offered eyewitness testimony in exchange for a reduction in sentencing or charges against them.

The Importance of Legal Representation

Police and investigators won’t tell you everything they know when they ask to talk to you. If you tell them something that contradicts what they already know – or what someone else has told them – they could use these statements against you later. Additionally, investigators don’t always inform suspects that they are under investigation or suspicion. As a result, you could make self-incriminating statements without even realizing it. Anything you voluntarily say prior to being read your Miranda rights is admissible in court. If investigators appear at your home and you invite them in and answer their questions, these statements can be used in building a case against you.

Protect Your Rights – Contact Criminal Defense Lawyer Scot Stuart Brower

It’s important to protect your rights at every stage in a criminal felony investigation. It may be possible to deflect suspicion or avoid an indictment simply by taking active measures early in an investigation. We can help you assert your rights in the face of police attempts to over-reach their authority or arrive at a premature conclusion.

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