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How is co-parenting different during summer break?

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2024 | Family Law

Time moves quickly; before you know it, summer break will be upon us. While the weather is almost always beautiful in Honolulu, summer brings the added bonus of vacations and a more relaxed atmosphere.

For divorced parents, this may mean making changes to their co-parenting plan for a few months.

New routines

During the school year, co-parents often have a set schedule that revolves around the children’s school hours, extracurricular activities, and homework routines. That all changes during summer break, and parents need to negotiate a new routine that accommodates vacations, summer camps and possibly daycare.

Planning and communication become even more crucial. Co-parents should discuss the children’s schedule well in advance, including family reunions, camps and special events. This will help to avoid conflicts and ensure both parents have valuable time with their children. Shared calendars and co-parenting apps can streamline scheduling.

Vacations are a highlight of summer for many families. In co-parenting situations, it’s essential to coordinate who takes the children on vacation and when. This coordination should respect the agreed-upon parenting plan while allowing for some flexibility.

For working parents, summer break often includes arranging childcare. Co-parents should discuss and agree on childcare arrangements, whether selecting a daycare center or hiring a babysitter. 

Summertime is inherently unpredictable, so a more flexible approach to co-parenting is needed. Last-minute invitations to pool parties, sleepovers and other activities may require adjustments to the parenting schedule. While maintaining consistency is important, embracing some flexibility allows children to fully enjoy summer’s spontaneous nature.

Summer break is an important component of every child’s life. It provides them with the time and freedom to explore new interests, develop new skills and simply enjoy being a kid. While navigating a summer schedule can be challenging for co-parents, it allows children to have a memorable break and a positive summer experience.