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How job postings may contain hidden discrimination 

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2023 | Employment Law

When you read a job posting, you may feel that you’re just not qualified for the job based on your education or experience. You know that you could apply, but you’re unlikely to get the position.

But there are some situations in which people read a job posting, and see that they are qualified, but still come away with the feeling that they wouldn’t be chosen. This could be because of language within the job posting itself that contains some level of subtle discrimination. If the person reading the job posting is in the group being discriminated against, they may be right that they would not get the job even if they applied – but is that fair to them?

Recent college graduates

To see how this happens, consider that some job postings ask for recent college graduates. Since a college education may be a requirement for many positions, employers think it is fair to state that that’s who they’re looking for.

But the issue is with saying that the person has to be a “recent” graduate. What if the person who is reading the job posting does have a college education, but graduated in the 90s? They may still be fully qualified for the job, but they haven’t been in school in decades and so they feel like the employer is going to pass over them.

This can create a situation where someone feels like they are actually being discriminated against based on their age. The qualification of “recent college graduates” indicates that younger applicants are preferable, which could be illegal if it discriminates against those over 40. Potential workers certainly need to know about all of the legal options at their disposal if they are being discriminated against.