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Increased speed makes accidents more dangerous

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2023 | Personal Injury

Speed limits have not just been established as an arbitrary rule that drivers are obligated to follow unless they want to pay fines. There are reasons for the speed limit, and perhaps the main one is that speed increases the likelihood of severe injuries and fatalities in a car accident.

This is not the only reason. For instance, some roads are designed for vehicles to travel at specific speeds and a loss of control would be more likely if the speed limit is broken. But the main reason for speed limits is to reduce the number of accidents that occur and the fatality rate.

Why does speed matter?

The problem with speed is that it changes the amount of energy in a car accident. This is why both the speed and weight of different vehicles are considered during a crash analysis. A vehicle that is heavier and moving faster is going to inflict more damage on a vehicle that is lighter and moving at a lower speed. This means that speeding drivers, especially in large vehicles, are putting other people at risk.

You can also look at fatality rates to see the influence of speed. It is one of the main reasons that rural roads have a higher fatality rate than urban streets, for example. Having speed limits set so much higher than those in the city leads to more fatal injuries – especially when drivers break the speed limit. Even if there are the exact same number of accidents in total, there will be more fatalities in areas with higher rates of speed. 

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