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5 ways to improve the holidays for children after a divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Family Law

Going through a divorce can make the holidays a difficult time for everyone involved. Making sure you do what you can to help the children thrive during the holiday season is important. 

There are several things that parents can do to make this time more enjoyable. For example:

1. Put the kids first

You and your ex must continue to put the kids first this holiday season. Be prepared to see your ex at special events, such as school plays, so they have the support of both parents.

2. Start new traditions

Divorce means a lot of changes, but not all of these have to be negative. Work with the children to find out what they wish they could do and use those as the basis to start new traditions

3. Remain flexible

Flexibility during the holiday season can make things easier for everyone involved because the kids can spend time with loved ones. Part of this could mean you and your ex have to adjust the parenting time schedule.

4. Encourage relationships

The holidays are for spending time with loved ones. Encourage your children to enjoy time with people from both sides of their family.

5. Keep the focus away from material things

Gifts given during the holidays can become a source of stress for children. Try not to put an emphasis on material goods and encourage the kids to enjoy the experiences they have. 

A parenting plan that puts the children first can help them adjust throughout the year. The terms should be based on what they need now, and you can always modify it as they mature.