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Is your spouse hiding digital assets?

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2022 | Family Law

When people divorce, oftentimes, couples have to negotiate about how assets are being split – not every asset may be visible and you may need to ask your spouse if they have any hidden assets.

Many people invest in digital assets, which can be hard to find and may need to be included in the divided assets. If your spouse denies their investment in digital assets, and you still suspect them of hiding something, there may be ways to find out. Here’s what you should know:

Finding cryptocurrency and NFT investments 

Over the past couple of decades, digital asset investing, such as cryptocurrency and NFTs, has blown up, causing many people to come into unexpected wealth.

Cryptocurrency is similar to a dollar and can be traded for other currencies of equal price, however, unlike the price of a dollar, cryptocurrency has an often wildly fluctuating value. Alternatively, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are like forms of art that appreciates over time and trading, much like real estate. Both of these currencies only exist in the digital world and can’t be easily traced – but, it’s not impossible. 

You may find your or your spouse’s purchase history reveals some kind of purchase in crypto or NFT. If you don’t see any revenue from the purchases, this may be a key indicator that your spouse still has hidden assets to discuss. 

If you believe your spouse is hiding assets during the divorce process, you may need to reach out for legal help to make sure that your division of property is fair.