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Staying out of debt after a personal injury

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2022 | Personal Injury

Whether you’re hurt in a slip-and-fall accident or you are injured in a car crash, it’s important that you have an opportunity to get the financial support you need to cover your lost wages, medical care, travel expenses and other financial losses related to the injury. It is not fair and should not be expected for you to pay for everything, especially when an accident was not your fault.

Usually, there are several options for obtaining compensation and coverage after a serious injury. Here are a few that could help you stay out of debt.

5 helpful methods of getting compensation after an injury

There are several options you may try, including:

  1. Filing a lawsuit against the party responsible for your injuries
  2. Filing a claim against the employer of someone who caused your injuries during their work day
  3. Making a claim against someone’s homeowner’s insurance if you were hurt on their property
  4. Filing a claim against your own auto insurance company if the other party was under or uninsured
  5. Making a claim against the other party’s insurance

With these and other options potentially being viable for your case, there should be options to seek compensation under most circumstances.

What can you do if the other party doesn’t have any money?

Sometimes, people don’t carry insurance or don’t have the money to pay for the costs of your medical care. You do have the option of suing them in that case. You can also fall back on your own insurance coverages. For example, if you have auto insurance and health insurance, both can help you cover the expenses related to your injuries. For instance, the health insurance company may pay for all your care except for your deductible, and the auto insurance company may cover that.

You deserve support as you handle your personal injury claim

Whether you’ve been seriously hurt or just want someone to cover the costs of a visit to the hospital to make sure you were okay after a crash, you deserve to seek that money from the at-fault party. Learning more about your legal options could help.