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How does vehicle accident and injury compensation work in Hawaii?

| Oct 13, 2021 | Personal Injury

The state of Hawaii is one of the few U.S. regions that have a no-fault compensation system for motor vehicle accidents. To victims, this means they must file a claim with their insurer to acquire personal injury and property damage compensation.

Many Honolulu residents think the no-fault laws prevent them from taking further action to acquire fair compensation. Fortunately, in a vehicle accident resulting in permanent or severe injuries, victims have the right to seek additional compensation.

What damages are available in Hawaii?

If the costs related to your accident injuries exceed your insurance policy limits, you may file a lawsuit or a claim against the other driver. The economic damages you may win after your crash include the following:

  • Lost income replacement
  • Medical care coverage
  • Vehicle replacement or repair
  • Replacement of rental car costs

Victims may also pursue non-economic damages after a catastrophic auto accident. Examples of these non-economic damages include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death of a loved one
  • Loss of companionship or affection

Close relations like children, spouses or parents are eligible to seek compensation following the wrongful death of a family member due to an accident.

Why should you seek legal guidance?

Navigating the legal and insurance system can be quite a challenge for those unfamiliar with the workings of either industry. Seeking legal guidance is one of the best ways to learn all you need to know about state vehicle accident and compensation laws.

After suffering injuries in a vehicle accident, your financial security is at great risk. Maximizing all forms of compensation available to you should be your top priority in the wake of severe accident injuries.