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Split between islands? Virtual visitation could help

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2021 | Family Law

Hawaii is a beautiful state, but one of the things that makes it special and unique can also be difficult during a custody case. If you have a child whose other parent wants to move to a different island, it can be hard to figure out how to split custody. Living on Oahu where your family has always been would make it easier for you to see your child regularly. However, they argued that they want to move to Maui for a job opportunity, and that could put a strain on your custody options.

In this kind of case, one of the things you may want to talk about is virtual visitation. Virtual visitation allows you to connect with your child across the internet, by phone or through other virtual means.

This can be efficient in cases where parents live far apart. For instance, you may be able to send your child to visit their other parent on a different island every few weeks, but in the meantime, the other parent could call, play games with them online or even help with homework over the computer.

When distance is a factor, virtual visitation could help

Virtual visitation isn’t a replacement for in-person visits, but it can be helpful if one parent needs to travel or if there is going to be a longer time between physical visits. This may be an idea to bring up when you go through your custody plans and work on a schedule for your child. Our website has more information on custody planning and how to do what’s in your child’s best interests.