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What’s so dangerous about poorly lit parking lots?

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2021 | Personal Injury

Poorly lit parking lots are issues for users, especially at night. When the lights go out, danger looms. 

Accidents, kidnappings, robberies, and murders are all fair game when the parking lot owner decides to poorly maintain their premises or not properly oversee them.

What dangers do parking lot visitors face?

Criminals prefer to engage in their felonious behavior when others cannot see them doing malfeasance. With the cover of darkness, the chance of a person becoming the victim of a robbery dramatically increases, especially in indoor parking garages. A person’s screams for help are less likely to be heard in a poorly lit basement of an underground parking garage.

Dimly lit parking lots are like magnets for criminal behavior. Consequently, more than 10% of all crimes occur in parking lots, including auto burglaries. Luxury vehicles are notoriously susceptible to being burglarized or stolen when criminals have an opportunity to engage in their illicit activities with no lights, cameras or security guards to see them in action. Kidnapping is another danger you may potentially face when using a less than ideally lit parking facility.

If those issues are not bad enough, the opportunity to become injured increases substantially due to the inability to potentially see where you are walking or what you are stepping into. 

Car accidents also significantly increase in parking lots and garages with poor lightning and inferior design due to sharp turns with many shadows and blind spots.

You have rights if you suffered injuries in a poorly lit parking lot

People who fall victim to crimes or accidents due to poor lighting in a parking lot may be entitled to monetary damages for what they’ve suffered. Find out more about what it takes to make a premises liability claim.