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3 top concerns of divorcing parents

On Behalf of | May 4, 2023 | Family Law

Divorce involving parents is different from one without kids. This is because they have additional processes and need to make decisions in the child’s best interest. Further, most parents are always concerned about their kids.

Here are their three top concerns.

Child custody 

Each party may want to live with the kids. Nonetheless, this matter doesn’t have to be contested, as parents can create a parenting plan and agree on who will live with the kids primarily and how they will visit the other parent. Those who disagree on such crucial matters can go to court, which will give orders that are in the kid’s best interest.

With different types of child custody, the court will give the most suitable verdict, depending on a case’s circumstances. Additionally, parents can modify a child custody order when it’s no longer working.

Child support

Another concern of most divorcing parents is how they will meet their kids’ needs during and after the divorce. Child support helps parents do this. But what is the right amount? 

The court considers different factors to determine the appropriate amount. This includes the child’s needs, the parents’ incomes and so on. 

While most parents pay child support without difficulties, some may fail to do so as time goes by, and this can be concerning for the parent with primary custody. If a party can no longer pay child support, it will be best to request a modification.


Most divorcing parents worry about how they will discipline their kids. However, this doesn’t have to be challenging. The kids should be subjected to similar rules in both homes. For instance, if they are grounded in one, the punishment should continue when they get to the other and so on.

Undoubtedly, divorcing parents can be concerned about their children. However, with practical strategies and legal guidance, you should have a more manageable experience.