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Your conduct in a DUI traffic stop could worsen your situation

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2023 | Criminal Law

People react differently during DUI traffic stops. Some comply with the officer’s instructions and do not assert their rights. Others become agitated or angry, especially when they feel the stop was unwarranted.

It is natural to feel upset if the police waste your time with questioning and sobriety tests when you’ve done nothing wrong, but don’t let your emotions rule the moment. Certain conduct could increase your legal woes even when you believe you are exercising your constitutional rights.

Don’t be combative

Police officers have good reason to fear violence during routine traffic stops. An uncooperative or combative attitude may increase their worries. Perhaps worse, it might cause them to work harder to find DUI evidence if you upset them. Always be respectful and courteous toward police officers to avoid complicating your circumstances.

Don’t admit anything

Remember that what you say and do during a DUI stop can be used against you in court. Some people feel compelled to say they are sorry whether they did or did not break the law, but this is a mistake. Even an open-ended apology unrelated to drinking while driving may come back to haunt you later. Be cautious about what you say any time the police pull you over.

Cooperate and then seek help

Poor conduct and inciting behavior will do nothing to mitigate your situation. If arrested on DUI charges in Hawaii, cooperate with the police, but reach out for legal guidance as soon as possible.

In many cases, skilled representation can open DUI defense options you never knew existed. For example, proving the police made a procedural mistake during the DUI stop can help your defense.