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How do you prove fault after a serious car crash?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2022 | Personal Injury

Drivers in Honolulu are constantly at risk of a wreck. Even when someone personally follows all safety standards and makes responsible choices, like never handling their phone while driving, they can end up hurt by someone who is drunk or paying more attention to GPS navigation than the road.

Liability insurance requirements set by the state will ensure that those hurt in collisions or worried about paying to repair property damage to their vehicles could file straightforward claims. However, it is quite common for the people who caused car crashes to try to avoid responsibility for them by lying about what happened before the wreck.

How can you prove you were not to blame for a recent crash in Hawaii?

Document the scene of the collision

Especially if you are on a narrow road, you may need to move your vehicles relatively quickly after the crash. Whenever possible, it is advisable for drivers to first use their mobile phones to document the scene of the wreck.

Wide angles and long video shots while walking a circle around the scene of the crash can do a lot to help recreate what happened later. Police officers and even insurance professionals may be able to use those images to determine what really happened prior to the collision.

Tell the officer your suspicions

Whether you believe that the other driver had your phone in their hands or they initially seemed a bit drunk when they got out of their vehicle but sobered up before the officer arrived, you need to tell the officer of your suspicions. They won’t be able to properly investigate if they don’t have all of the information.

Avoid apologizing

For some people, it is second nature to apologize for anything that they view as an inconvenience to others. That might include forcing an officer to come out to the scene of a crash. Apologizing to anyone involved in the collision or its aftermath could imply guilt on your part and might end up hurting your chances of holding the other driver accountable later.

Avoiding common mistakes and taking appropriate steps right after a motor vehicle wreck can help drivers in Hawaii prove who was to blame and pursue justice for the crash.