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Are you at risk of chronic traumatic encephalopathy?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2022 | Personal Injury

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a deteriorative brain condition that’s the result of multiple brain injuries. It’s most commonly associated with contact sports, such as football. One of the most puzzling aspects of this disease is that it can’t be diagnosed until the person passes away because it requires a post-mortem examination of the brain. 

There are four stages of CTE, and it’s often not noticed until it’s advanced. There might not be any signs in the first stage of CTE, but by the fourth stage, there are major symptoms that make it easily apparent that something is amiss. 

What are the signs of CTE?

While the person is alive, they will suffer from many changes in behavior. These can seem very minor when the condition is in the early stages, but they become even more problematic as the brain deteriorates.

Some of the signs of CTE include:

  • Memory loss
  • Depression
  • Cognitive decline
  • Motor skill loss
  • Poor spatial awareness
  • Loss of ability to communicate

Some of the symptoms of advanced CTE include violent behaviors and suicidal tendencies. It can be difficult for these individuals to live a normal life, partially because of the lack of diagnosis. 

Getting proper medical care after you suffer a brain injury won’t prevent you from having to deal with serious problems, but it can help you to minimize the effects. This medical care can be expensive, so victims who suffer brain injuries due to someone else’s negligence may opt to pursue a claim for compensation. That can help you meet your future needs and make sure that your family is financially protected.