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Is it hard to get alimony in Hawaii?

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2022 | Family Law

Not so many decades ago, it was typically expected that the wife in a divorce would receive spousal support – commonly known as alimony. Further, most men would feel ashamed for even considering asking for spousal support. Times have since changed along with public and judicial perspectives on alimony.

Today, either spouse can seek alimony without much if any social stigma. However, it is somewhat harder to obtain spousal support in the 21st century than it used to be.

Courts look at many factors

Courts take a comprehensive look at each unique situation. They want to know if the party petitioning for support needs the money and if the paying party can afford the obligation.

Other examples of factors Honolulu family court judges view to aid in their alimony decisions include:

  • Marriage duration
  • Age of each spouse
  • Child support and custodial responsibilities
  • Financial assets and resources of each spouse
  • Standard of living established during marriage
  • Physical and psychological condition of each spouse
  • Petitioning spouse’s employability and vocational skills

After determining that alimony is warranted, the judge will decide how long the support will last. It could go on indefinitely, or it may only last long enough for the receiving spouse to become employable or adjust to a more frugal standard of living. For example, temporary alimony gives the spouse time to seek the training or education needed to become self-supporting.

Family court judges of today don’t typically award spousal support unless petitioners can show real need. If you are in a situation where alimony can relieve significant financial burdens, learn more about Hawaii family law. With knowledge and guidance, you can emerge from divorce with your economic security intact.