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Workplace harassment comes in various forms

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2021 | Employment Law

People across Hawaii spend much of their time in the workplace. In almost any industry or sector, there will be times when workloads are high and deadlines are tight, leading to a certain level of stress. Nonetheless, there are occasions where tensions and hostility may reach levels that are considered out of the ordinary.

Harassment in the workplace is relatively common and it can have devastating impacts on those subjected to it. Consequently, the causes and effects of harassment at work should not be overlooked. To take preventative measures against this phenomenon, it may be beneficial to look at the various forms it can take.

Harassment can be physical

Among the more common and arguably the most serious form of workplace harassment is of a physical kind. In severe cases, an employee may be assaulted by being pushed, hit or subjected to other types of physical contact. Even when tangible contact has not been made, the mere presence of a threat of violence can harm an employee and create a hostile working environment.

The threat of cyberbullying

As technology advances, corporations continue to take advantage of it to increase profitability. Unfortunately, there are a select few individuals who utilize technology for malicious purposes. The online realm can offer bullies protection through anonymity, which can also instill in them a feeling of unwavering power. One common tactic that perpetrators have used is social media to spread damaging rumors about an individual. Such statements can be read by hundreds of people in a matter of minutes, causing irreparable damage to a person’s reputation. The psychological impacts of cyberbullying can be catastrophic; therefore, the subject should be covered in any discussion on workplace harassment.

Workers across Hawaii are entitled to work in a space that is free from bullying, discrimination and harassment. If you feel that you have faced inappropriate treatment at work, it may benefit you to explore your legal options.